For Immediate Release: Comprehensive Update on Jan 10th 2024 Incident at Our Hohola Office

To our esteemed business partners, valued customers, government officials, and community members,

We are presently dealing with the consequences of a major event at our Hohola office, the core administrative center for Glory Group of Companies. The unauthorized entry and burglary  resulted in significant losses, encompassing vital infrastructure, communication systems, and network resources. We extend our utmost appreciation to the fire department for their swift and efficient response, which played a pivotal role in averting the complete destruction of our facilities.

Regrettably, this incident has led to the loss of significant historical documents and records. Despite the damage or destruction of many invaluable archives, we remain committed to preserving and honoring what remains of our corporate history.

We have been deeply moved by the heroism shown by a couple of community members who provided refuge to our employees, and by the bravery and quick thinking of our staff, whose actions were critical in ensuring the safety of all and preventing any physical injuries.

While our headquarters has sustained considerable damage, we assure all stakeholders that our other project sites, functional centers, and offices continue to operate without interruption. We are in the process of arranging temporary office spaces to house our employees and sustain our workflow as we commence the reconstruction of our administration center. Please note that while our email system remains fully functional, responses may be delayed due to limited access to computer systems and reduced manpower. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.

It has come to our attention that there may have been some confusion in the community regarding our affiliation with our neighboring supermarket company, Eliseo Supermarket Hohola. The building belongs to Glory Group of Companies, an independent entity and the landlord of the neighbor supermarket. We hope this clarification helps address any misunderstandings.

Our plans to launch our educational institution and foundation in the first quarter are temporarily on hold as we dedicate our efforts to recovery and rebuilding. We kindly request the assistance of the community in returning any items that were removed from our premises, essential for the full restoration of our administrative and educational operations.

We anticipate some delays in projects associated with our headquarters, but we are steadfastly committed to minimizing their impact on our broader operations. The incredible support and unity from our community, coupled with the unwavering dedication of our employees, have been pillars of strength during these challenging times.

Your understanding and continued support as we navigate this recovery are immensely valued.


Glory Group of Companies