1. Real Life Vs. Advertisement

Information provided on an advertisement differs slightly to the real thing. The brochure may mention that the home has 90 square metres of floor space accompanied with a land area of about 40 square metres but unless there is an inspection, a realistic perspective of life with you or your family in terms of budget and lifestyle cannot be made. At Skyview Estate, there are a range of different house models suited to different budgets, family sizes and lifestyle needs. Home inspections enable current and potential homeowners to confirm if the house/unit ticks off all the boxes for them.

2. Seeing the different aspects of the neighbourhood/suburb

You get to see the neighbourhood or suburb that you will be spending the next 20 or so years living in. When our Sales & Marketing executives have inspections, they talk not only about the house/unit being inspected but about also other amenities and services within Skyview Estate. For example at Skyview Estate, there are infrastructural developments such as paved roads, drainage, perimeter fencing and fencing around each house/unit and with other services located within the estate such as an internet cafe, gym and shop; another plus is that there is a bus stop right outside the estate, providing easy access to public transportation for those without vehicles. Also Skyview Estate is connected to main service providers for utilities such as power, water and sewerage and garbage collection. This is the kind of information any good real estate person should explain to any prospective homeowner. Our Sales and Marketing executives are experts in helping Papua New Guineas choose a house that fits their individual requirements.

3. Checking out the security aspect of the neighbourhood/suburb

Another important factor to consider, especially in Port Moresby, is the security aspect as well given the crime rate in all parts of the city. At Skyview Estate, perimeter fencing around the entire estate and around the clock security guards provide an extra layer of security.

To sum up, we reiterate – inspections are critically important to avoid disappointment. After all, owning a house or property is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in life. If you would like to come for an inspection at Skyview Estate, we have open show house inspections* every Saturday and Sunday. With open show house, any members of the general public can visit Skyview, without a prior appointment, to do an inspection. The inspections are group inspections starting at the following scheduled timings –

• 1st group – 9:30 a.m.
• 2nd group – 10:10 a.m.
• 3rd group – 10:50 a.m.

Inspections during the week (Monday to Friday) are only by prior appointment with any one of our Sales & Marketing executives. Otherwise, please click here to contact us.

** Artist Impression Disclaimer: This artist's impression intends to illustrate the appearance of this home, once completed. There is no guarantee that the completed home will comply with any degree of the artist's impression, as shown on the website. The Developer discloses that all colours, textures and finishes are indicative only. The Developer reserves the right to alter any colour, material and or design features, such as orientation and site levels in order to comply with all relevant constraints, including but not limited to local council, planning guidelines, PNG building codes and energy efficiency laws. This Artist impression may include optional facade features.
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