Skyview Estate – More than Just Houses…

Skyview Estate, situated along the ATS road, 7 Mile in Port Moresby, is more than just houses but about building a residential estate that enables and promotes community living. In the past few years, a lot of work has gone into the construction and development of the estate. Previously, what used to be Skyview Estate was undeveloped bush land without any sort of infrastructural development. In this article, we discuss some of the ‘extras’ that make Skyview Estate more than just houses.

1. Building Trunk Infrastructure & Other Infrastructure Development 

Trunk infrastructure is shared infrastructure for communal use within an area such as a suburb or neighbhourhood. Examples of trunk infrastructure are main public access roads, drainage system, street lights and connection lines to major utilities such as power, water and sewerage. Usually, the responsibility of building trunk infrastructure lies with the government. For Skyview developer – Glory Development Limited (GDL), worked in partnership with each responsible authoritative body, in putting in place all trunk infrastructure within the estate. This partnership, you could say, was an example of private public partnership (PPP), that has been promoted by the government. With all the trunk infrastructure and other infrastructural development within the estate, Skyview Estate, now is just like any other neighbourhood and suburb within Port Moresby.

At Skyview, you will find the following trunk and other infrastructure  –

  • concrete sealed roads within the estate
  • drainage throughout the estate
  • concrete sealed car park area within each house and unit
  • solar powered street lights throughout each part of the estate
  • individual fencing around each house and unit
  • perimeter fencing around the whole estate
  • built infrastructure to connect utilities such as power, water & sewerage
  • recreational area (park & play ground)

Skyview Estate in 2015

Skyview Estate in 2018











2. Building an Estate with Full connection to Main Utility Service Providers

Skyview Estate has full connection to the main utility service providers in the National Capital District for power, water, sewerage and garbage collection. The developer took the necessary steps to making the process of connection to the city’s main utility lines through working collaboratively with PNG Power, Eda Ranu and the National Capital District Commission (N.C.D.C). Even before building began, there were major works that involved connecting the estate to main utility suppliers; works such as putting up power poles and lines, putting up a water and sewerage line to connect water and sewerage and taking the necessary regulatory steps to set up the estate with the N.C.D.C. for garbage collection. So, with the estate being fully connected to utilities, this makes Skyview Estate just like any other suburb or neighbourhood with the city.

Ensuring all is set to go during construction of the Goldie

Construction of the Raggiana 2.0












3. Putting in More Amenities and Services to Create a Fully Integrated Community

Apart from all the other extras at Skyview Estate, there has been the inclusion of other amenities and services for the convenience of homeowners and the surrounding community or visitors to the estate.

In 2017, a commercial shop lot building ‘Kings Plaza’ was built and includes the following –

  • an internet cafe
  • a fully operational gym
  • a convenience shop
  • and many more to be announced in the near future

In early 2018, PNG Paradise College (also known as PNG Paradise High School), set up the building of its new campus at Skyview Estate. The college campus will include classes from kindergarten to Grade 12. Currently, only senior grades (Grades 9-12) have moved to the Skyview Estate campus but as the campus expands, the lower grades will gradually move to this new campus over time.

Kings Plaza

Paradise College’s new campus at Skyview Estate

New cafe – Niutaim Internet Cafe, located at Kings Plaza









4. Contributing to Nation Building, One House at a Time…

The estate is currently in Phase 2&3 of its development. At the completion of Phase 2, the estate will have close to 300 built residential allotments; currently, the estate has  well over 150 houses already occupied. When fully complete, the estate will have approximately 500 residential allotments. With the current shortage of ‘housing stock’ within Port Moresby and the country as a whole, large scale residential developments such as Skyview Estate work to add to more houses to increase the number of titled and bankable housing. It also is an answer to the increased demand brought about by the introduction of the PNG – government initiated – First Home Ownership Scheme (FHOS) with the Bank South Pacific. In addition, with large scale residential property developments, it requires a large workforce in the construction phase. The building of the estate has provided employment opportunities for hundreds of Papua New Guineans over the past couple of years in a wide range of technical fields from general worker to specialist such as plasterers, fabricators, welders and operators of heavy machinery. So, you could say that Skyview Estate is contributing to nation building, one house at a time…

Workers during Goldie construction

Workers during Goldie & New Tropica construction











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Published 20 July 2018

cgaruaiSkyview Estate – More than Just Houses…
** Artist Impression Disclaimer: This artist's impression intends to illustrate the appearance of this home, once completed. There is no guarantee that the completed home will comply with any degree of the artist's impression, as shown on the website. The Developer discloses that all colours, textures and finishes are indicative only. The Developer reserves the right to alter any colour, material and or design features, such as orientation and site levels in order to comply with all relevant constraints, including but not limited to local council, planning guidelines, PNG building codes and energy efficiency laws. This Artist impression may include optional facade features.
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