Phase 2 & Phase 3 Developments at Skyview Estate

Skyview Estate is located along the ATS road, at 7 Mile in Port Moresby. Since late 2015, the estate has become home to many professional Papua New Guineans and their families and to date, continues to develop not only in the number of houses being built but also in the number of new homeowners and residents  moving into the estate and also other developments such as infrastructural works and also other services. All these are in line with the vision of Skyview Estate of not just being a housing estate but being a self-integrated satellite township.

The developments that have taken place so far from 2017-2018 have been:

  • Infrastructural work around the estate to build more concrete roads, drainage and other work (2014 – present)

Phase 1 works – concrete roads, drainage in October 2015

Ground works done in January 2017










The Goldie, one of the new house design for Phase 2

The new Tropica, one of the new house design for Phase 2

The Greater, one of the new house design for Phase 2









  • The building and completion of the commercial building – King’s Plaza, which will house cafes, restaurants, and other ventures, for the convenience of Skyview residents (late 2017) & businesses start operating at the commercial building (start of 2018) – businesses include: internet cafe, gym, and other shops yet to start business,

Kings Plaza, Skyview’s commercial building









  • The start of ground work in preparation for start of work for Phase 3 (late 2017-present)

Ground works for Phase 3 development









Paradise College’s new campus







If you want to find out more about our houses or other developments as they happen within the estate, click here to contact us. 


Published 7 June, 2018

cgaruaiPhase 2 & Phase 3 Developments at Skyview Estate
** Artist Impression Disclaimer: This artist's impression intends to illustrate the appearance of this home, once completed. There is no guarantee that the completed home will comply with any degree of the artist's impression, as shown on the website. The Developer discloses that all colours, textures and finishes are indicative only. The Developer reserves the right to alter any colour, material and or design features, such as orientation and site levels in order to comply with all relevant constraints, including but not limited to local council, planning guidelines, PNG building codes and energy efficiency laws. This Artist impression may include optional facade features.
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