House Feature: The New Tropica [Three Bedroom, Lowset Standalone House]

Let us introduce you to the new Tropica. The new Tropica is among other house models that were built as part of the Phase 2 development at Skyview Estate.

The new Tropica is simply a modified version of the Tropica, which was one of the earlier models built during Phase 1 of the estate's development. Boasting a floor space of 103 square metres with a land area of 385 square metres, this house model is perfect for the medium sized family.
Land Area
385 square metres
Floor Area
103 square metres
  • No of Bedroom: 3
  • No of Bathroom: 2
  • Plumbing: Yes
  • Mechanical: Yes
Land and House, Brown and White goods, Genset and Water Tank
The Tropica has three bedrooms and two bathrooms; with one bathroom being the en-suite for the master bedroom and the second bathroom being for common use. In addition, each bedroom features in-built wardrobes for storage.

One of the most noticeable exterior parts of this house is the porch roofing that extends from the front door, to the carport and right up to the back door, at the rear of the house. The carport also has enough space for up to two parked vehicles. The new Tropica features an open plan design, such that, when one enters the front door, you're greeted by both the living room and then the dining room.

The kitchen is quite spacious and is perfect for the home chef or for those co-cook sessions with the kids, the kitchen also features lots of cabinetry and a pantry to store all your kitchenware and food supplies. Perfectly located near the back door is the laundry area. The raised ceiling allows for ventilation during those hot Port Moresby days.
Kitchen Features
The kitchen features modern fixtures and furnishings, with installed cabinetry and a food pantry and counter tops for easy use.

Actual photos of the new Tropica’s exterior

The new Tropica has an open plan design encompassing the living and dining areas

Actual photo of the kitchen

cgaruaiHouse Feature: The New Tropica [Three Bedroom, Lowset Standalone House]
** Artist Impression Disclaimer: This artist's impression intends to illustrate the appearance of this home, once completed. There is no guarantee that the completed home will comply with any degree of the artist's impression, as shown on the website. The Developer discloses that all colours, textures and finishes are indicative only. The Developer reserves the right to alter any colour, material and or design features, such as orientation and site levels in order to comply with all relevant constraints, including but not limited to local council, planning guidelines, PNG building codes and energy efficiency laws. This Artist impression may include optional facade features.
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