8 Reasons Why You Should Call Skyview Estate Home

Many people ask ‘Why Should I Buy a House at Skyview Estate?’ In this article, we outline 8 of the main reasons that make Skyview Estate a great choice as a future home for you and your family.

Skyview Estate, one of Port Moresby’s most popular residential housing estate. This estate is located along the ATS road at 7 Mile in the nation’s capital of Port Moresby. So far, over the past three years, close to 200 Papua New Guineans have made and call Skyview Estate home. Currently, Skyview Estate is in Phase 2 of its development with works already in place to head on into Phase 3. So, read on to find out what makes Skyview Estate a great choice…

1. Concrete & Steel Structured Houses

At Skyview Estate, all houses and units are built from concrete and steel. Concrete and steel are considered some of the most durable building materials. Initially the costs of building with concrete and steel are high; but in the long run due to the durability of these two materials, houses require less maintenance. This means less upkeep costs to the home owner. Another advantage of houses built with concrete are that they are sound proof. This fact comes in handy for home owners of units (linkhouse and duplex units), who can still be able to maintain their peace and quiet even though they live in a unit.











2. Different House Designs & Packages to Choose from

At Skyview Estate, there has been a wide variety of choice. With the start of each new phase of development, Skyview Estate, sees the addition of not only new house models but also sees the inclusion of other new amenities or services. So far, from 2014 to 2018, there have been 10 house models that have been introduced in Phases 1 & 2 and each of the 10 house models range from two bedroom to four bedroom units/houses. There are also different packages to choose from according to the buyer’s personal preferences – whether they’d like to purchase the house unfurnished or furnished with brown and white goods and further more if they’d like back-up water and power. Pictured below are 3 of the 10 house models that are at Skyview, each of the houses has the option of the houses coming fully furnished and/or with back-up water and power.









3.  After Sales Support for Homeowners

Once a house is purchased, we have after sales support. Perfection is impossible to reach, so all houses bought at Skyview Estate come with a 1-year warranty for any defects that may have inevitably occurred during construction. We also continue to maintain a relationship with current home owners through their established Skyview Home Owners’ Association (SHOA), to continue to make Skyview one of the best neighbourhoods for residents.









4. A Land & House Package + Title

Everyone has heard stories about their relatives, friends, colleagues etc… putting the deposit on a house and then discovering that their long awaited home was never built. Others have gone through the process of home ownership, only to discover that the house they were trying to purchase has a duplicate title. Skyview Estate is the real deal.

Ask any of the home owners that reside there.

Before each house was built,developer Glory Development Limited, working with the Department of Lands, went through the process of subdividing the land. So, each type of house – from the standalone house to the units, have a legitimate land title. Thus, when you buy at Skyview Estate, you’re buying not only a house but a legitimate title that is bankable and that can be used as security to secure a home loan.

Source: www.lands.gov.pg











5. Close Proximity to the rest of Port Moresby

Skyview is about 15 minutes drive to the rest of the city. With easy access to the Kumul Flyover, this makes it even more easier to connect to Waigani, Boroko and to downtown Port Moresby. The estate as well is connected to the main public bus route, and is part of the Bus 16 route that runs from Gordons to ATS (and vice versa). There is a bus stop located right near the front of the estate.

Source: http://hawkins.co.nz/projects/kumul-flyover-port-moresby











6. Connected to Basic Utilities

All houses built at Skyview, are connected to basic services such as water, power, sewerage and also the garbage collection. GDL invested heavily into ensuring that all basic infrastructure to connect to the main services were in place, well before the houses were constructed.











7. Other Services Within the Estate

Skyview Estate does not only consist of houses, recently the estate has seen the addition of a school, an internet cafe, a convenience shop, gym and in the near future there will be the addition of more new service businesses that bring convenience right to the doorsteps of Skyview homeowners and also the wider community from ATS, 8/9 Mile.

Kings Plaza has a shop, gym and internet cafe

A Photo Indicating where Paradise College is located









8. A Team with Experience to Guide you Through the Process of Home ownership

In Papua New Guinea, the process of home ownership can be confusing and tedious, especially for first time home buyers. Our team has taken many home owners both at Glory Garden and now Skyview Estate, through the process of home ownership and have built up great working relationships with the various parties involved in the process. At Skyview Estate, the majority of homeowners are first time home owners and have been led throughout this new process by our experienced team (pictured below).








If you are interested in making Skyview your home, then click here to contact our team or call (+675) 7060 2000 (Digicel)/ (+675) 7668 8860 (Bmobile).


Published – 16 August 2018

cgaruai8 Reasons Why You Should Call Skyview Estate Home
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